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Birth and Postpartum Doula


My name is Jennifer, I have been a wife and mother for the past 23 years. I have given birth to 8 babies and I know first hand how all labor and births are unique and absolutely beautiful.  I have the compassion one needs to assist a birthing women, and at the same time I do not take the focus away from the partner. 

I have lots of experience with the birthing process. I was a Volunteer Doula at CCCMD I have photographed several births at both hospitals, birth center and homes I have documented a surrogate birth as well and look forward to photographing more. 

 I  have a natural love for all families. 

As your Doula I will be your physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period.  I will work with you and your partner on your birth plan, we will discuss your desires, hope sand fears. 

Please contact me with any questions.

My rate starts at $1000

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